David’s Voice

Aidee Udohiop

“I’m gonna take care of you…”
Those words relive in my heart day after day.
It was the truth in your voice
It was the firm grip of your arms around me
It was the steady count of your heartbeat
My heart was right to believe…
Even now, as I hear your voice on the receiver
I feel your eye keeping watch on me

Then I become the person I’m supposed to be
The things I try to conceal, with careful scrutiny you unveil
Who am I not to believe in my dreams?
When you’ve placed your life’s bet on me
Today Abraham counts the stars and he counts me
Cos you never let the lighter out of your sight
You lit me even while I slept…Now with the strongest word in the universe I express my heart to you;
“I LOVE YOU dream lighter… I LOVE YOU eternally”



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