the last one

Angel Rajisanyta


my heart beats musical tunes as i write to you.
you are so far away, yet i’m gladened by my mind’s picture of you…
ah! why do people always leave?
my heart’s racing fast,i miss u so bad it hurts.
when u met me, i was black and white… each passing moment with you, i lit up purple and cream
yr arms wrapped around me so strong, yet ever so gentle. i knew i’ld never be afraid again.
my name you called, yet i tot u sang… t’was so soft, u thrilled me!
the moments i will not forget, r dos tyms i’ld giggle n’ u’ld say “do that again” cos’ u always wanted to picture the sparkle in my eyes…
how long have u been gone again?
oh Dear, i walked past our spot today, its over grown with grasses!
this is about the shortest letter i’ld eva write to you
my fingers quiver, my eyes drop thick watery substance
come home to me my Dear, i long to see you face to face… ME

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