“From my fingers to my lips”

_3 Oma 

When she itches, she screams for help…she needed another’s fingers to scratch her itching
She didn’t have fingers to scratch!
And here I am getting my nails colored every weekend…I never thought to say “thank You Lord for my fingers”
there’s so much we are not grateful for…

Fingers to scratch itches and put on wedding bands
Legs to wear heels and take strolls
Eyes to read and watch the sun set
Ears that hear every sound and still knows the voice of our beloved
Lips to speak and swallow meals
Tasting tongues,
Nostrils to perceive bad odor and yet decipher the fragrance of several designer perfumes
Bodies that fit beautiful clothing, giving fashion a reason to live
A head that thinks, imagines, and yet wears diverse hair styles…

To the man or woman who discovered a mirror, I duff my hat!
And now no one can say “I don’t know what I look like!”
Today let that mirror in your bathroom preach to you a message of gratitude…take note of every detail
And to he who cannot see, let him be grateful that he’s alive. For soon he will see God’s face

My fingers have typed these,
Your eyes now read it,
Soon your lips will say the words God always longs to hear…