“the slouching giant”


i love the fragrance the nation wears when the super eagles play…its perceived from any distance!
the screams of endless joy when a goal is scored…
everyone unites… WaZoBia… all speaking the same language!
goallll!, team Nigeria! proudly Nigerian! we won the cup!

sadly few days after, the euphoria of all that is lost… then we’re back to the beginning

i am one woman who believes in the greatness of her nation.
i have cried with my heart ten times over, cos my eyes won’t drop tears anymore
i have spoken with my lips, hands, gesticulating… each time wondering if there was a better way to express my pain yet love for this country and how she stands… “the slouching giant”
i have prayed, head between my knees like a widow in dire need of her lover!

yet my tears do not blur my vision… i see why she bends
i see why she won’t raise her head amidst other giants
eh! she lives another man’s dream! it is true… she doesnt yet know her true identity!
she accepted what she was given
she did what she was told
she sold what she should have managed
she spoke in a different tongue and misled her children
she wore a different clothing… and now we no longer see her beauty
she became a nation orchestrated to administrate and not produce… chai!

but there is hope!
this is how i know…
there are a few men/women like me who still choose to do right no matter how long “the wrong’ has been in office…
men who love righteousness and hate wickedness
men who seek justice, who respect the law…
men who believe in this nation, her people and her culture
men who are not afraid to see tomorrow
to them nothing is impossible!
men who against hope, believe
they think differently, they talk differently…
in unity of purpose, they arise to serve

i speak of you and i… i clasp my hands in yours…let’s make it work!



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