You title it darling….

You who gave life meaning surpassing sunrise
I invite you to listen to the music of my heart.
Dance to the beats
Dance your way home
Mime to its lyrics
It’s our story
Dwell in this euphoria,
Don’t let it fade with use
And even when you turn down the volume
May its whisper give you pleasure

In my absence, hum to thyself
This sweet melody we both started
I will sing you the words o’er and o’er again
I will sing aloud
With my voice like cashmere
Clothing your atmosphere
I’ll have the trebles, altos and tenors sing along
Our rhythm is now contagious

Oh! How I delight in you
You gratify my existence
I’m enraptured in your providence
Captured by your resplendence
This is life’s essence.

To me you commit
To you I submit
To this bond no limit
And when you thirst,
Let my well satisfy
I love you…


picture credit:titus2womendevotional blog




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