I don’t think there was a day I didn’t see Kola laugh or smile
He was shaking a friend’s hand and he was laughing,
He was writing a memo and smiling, or at least not frowning,
He was talking to people and he still had that pleasant disposition on…
Did anything ever upset Kola? I wondered each time.
Kola would step into an atmosphere, and he carried with him an amazing ambience… oh yes he lessened the tension…
You didn’t know it, but you always wanted to be where Kola was.
One Monday morning, someone came with a message for Kola, it wasn’t good.
I told this fellow, “please don’t tell him…” I didn’t want that light out…
But he gave it anyway. I heard Kola storm out of his office, I followed him
Calling after him, I guess he didn’t hear…
I got to where he was, he was standing over a man lying on a stretcher, I went closer and put my hand over his shoulder. He turned to look at me and smiled with tears in his eyes… his friend just had an accident.
He took his friend’s hand, and said to him “when all of this is over, don’t stop smiling, Never”. That was his message to a man in pains…
As I drove Kola back to the office, I asked him why that was his only message to his friend?
He said to me “you are never broken if you keep your heart merry”. He paused for a while, then he continued; “one has a choice to stay happy or sad. Life is short, and in this short time here, I choose to stay happy and I tell you I’ll never be broken”.
So that was it… a happy man is never broken…that was Kola’s secret…it soon became mine.


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