Mama’s strong voice


“He said he loved me”; Tania was saying with tears in her eyes
But all he wanted was to eat the forbidden fruit… I knew it was forbidden cos’ Mama said never to touch it until harvest time.
I loved the way he looked into my eyes, he called me by a name my parents didn’t think of giving me- that name suited me just right. Yes I was beautiful. His beautiful…
We were just two of us in a world of our own…he was holding my hand and I was holding his…I knew I was safe…I was always safe.
But not today…he wasn’t holding my hand; he was sending his fingers on evil errands. I said stop! He mumbled something like “…no beautiful…I can’t”.
His strength was overpowering… I said; “please, let’s do this right, let’s do this at the right time”…now I was screaming…what had come over him?! He was all over me. “You love me don’t you”? “Please let’s wait till harvest time…” I was begging now with tears pouring out of my heart. I knew it wasn’t harvest time… Mama said harvest time was also a time to rejoice…
Something came over this man…I didn’t recognize him anymore as he forced himself on me…I was no longer safe.
All the while I kept hearing Mama’s strong voice… suddenly that strength filled my heart and I overpowered the beast…I ran into the clouds… I needed safety…
My name is Tania, I’m safe in the truth…I’ll trust again!


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