the stare

I would see him every day on the hallway swinging his arms and clap them together… I wondered secretly then hoped I won’t see that same act the next day. Oh no! He did it every morning, even till noon day!

Each time I walked into the building, they would salute, “big aunty”! I knew I wasn’t big as per size, but I soon realized they did that for a reason… hmmm…

Every morning we saw, she would ask; “how was your night”? One day I realized I never did ask that question back, so I decided to do that the next morning… oh well I did, and I got her life’s history in five minutes… pheww!

Oh boiled groundnut is my best fruit! My sister never failed to remind me… one day I decide to get it after work. “How much does this go for?” I ask the sales girl, and she just stares at me… I should have asked again, but I didn’t. I stared back, then I begin a conversation… this girl once had dreams like me!
– – – – –
This man is insane, but he isn’t getting any help yet he lives in a building with a million sane folks!
These young vibrant men used their uniform as license to beg for money from seemingly big aunties!
That young lady just needed someone to talk to, if only I had asked n’ listened earlier; she would know not to always return to that way of life each time a need arose!
That young dreamer turned groundnut seller, has now learnt to dream again… just by a stare!

Life’s biggest lesson… “Don’t only look, see”.
Today I tread a new path that people now walk on… daily, I live for someone!


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