Your hair so full  

It frightens a fool  

Your teeth so white  

Makes bright the night  

Your eyes they shine  

Sublime like the number nine


 In reality,  I like to hear you talk

 It’s like taking a thousand days walk  

Your voice so enveloping  

I often think we’re eloping  

Haha! And when you laugh  

It echoes several words in a rap


 You’re no vegetarian  

Yet your rhymes so Shakespearian  

You sit by Elijah’s brook  

Your best friend’s a book  

Your wisdom precedes you  

The world cannot deceive you


 Your shirt buttoned to your neck

 Shoes, cologne, swag, check!  

You are a fine gentleman  

I’ll tell you in every way I can


 Born on a seven  

This man was made in heaven

It’s a perfect number

 You will never be somber


 I have made these words simple

 I wish not that you be wound up in a wimple

Take my word for it  

This is not the end of it

For as the day dawns  

And the night yawns  

A friend to me  You’ll always be





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