written in red…

I have a bookshelf made of wood

It hangs on the left side of my room
Three layers has this bookshelf of mine
Every book arranged so fine

I sit on my bed staring at my wooden shelf
I soon spot a box I made by myself
The box sat atop my shelf
I reached out for it with no one’s help
It contained letters written from yesteryears
But this one moved my eyes to tears

I sank back into bed
This letter was written in red…
It read;
” My beloved,
The last time we talked you cried half the time. I wiped your eyes and told you never to cry again. You knew I would be gone for long, I knew I would never leave you alone.
I paid a price to your Father and my Father, the deal was that you’ll always be mine. Unforgettable was the journey to your hometown. It took 6 hours of a not so enjoyable experience to get you to come live with me forever in life.

I still see the picture in my head… you in white, my hand stretching out for yours. I was grateful you said yes to me.I chose you Beloved; everything I have now belongs to you…Now that you’re in me and I in you, we are a formidable duo.
Like I wrote in my 125th letter as the same with the 95th, I love you and I have chosen to make my home with you…” Your Lover.

I keep the letter on my chest
Lay my head down to rest
Pondering on the words I’ve read
Only my lover writes in red.


HOME… Luke 15

I knew I had failed
I couldn’t be bailed 
To a faraway land I sailed 
My emptiness unveiled

I took it all, I squandered it 
My jewels, my wealth the dogs did eat 
Now alone in this foreign land 
No one offers a helping hand

I hunger, I thirst, 
While my lineage is awfully blessed 
Shall I die this way 
When ahead lies a better day?

I shall return
 I’m ashamed of what I have become 
Take off the crown from my head 
As long as my back’s laid on a bed

To my Father I return 
Receive me, for a slave I have become 
Put a hoe in my hand
 For the crown’s unfit for this scrubby head

Still walking in resistance 
He sights me from a distance
Then I see Him running
To me He is coming

Now I can hear him calling 
To my knees I go crawling 
His arms wide open 
His embrace is warm as an oven

And then He kissed me 
All my fears they leave me 
This is where I should be 
Greater than my soul’s plea

And then He says to one; “bring the Prince’s ring”
To another; “gather the musicians, a chorus to sing”!
And sandals for his feet
The fattest calf kill, that we might eat

For my son has returned home…

Lost but now found 
Forever with my father I’m bound 
Never to be alone 
Seated with my Father on the throne

…PaulinEzeka… August 10, 2014