The Believer’s Responsibility

All flashy is the world in its vanity
Groveling day after day in grave humanity
Without Jesus, delving deeper into obscenity

So dark is the world, dense as the night
Yet amidst the thickset is a light

In every believer shining
Why then the world still pining?

His Life is the light of men
Shining in the dark, and darkness no more urbane

To every Believer who has this Life
With the world do not strife
See as they blindly grope
Arise, for you are their only hope

O shine Believer,
That the world may see and glory in Jesus forever
Hide not your light in compromise
That’s an awful demise

In your heart is the Word
That from your lips it be heard
You have received the promise of the Father
From thence go further

O shine Believer
Shine and don’t waver
Make others believe
So they too might live

Lay your hand on the sick
Teach the truth to the meek
Love the undeserving
Many lives worth preserving

O shine Believer
All of creation to deliver
Shine without shame
For Christ is your fame

To this end,
That at the Master’s return
His Joy and Praise you’ll earn
You are His pride
In His words; “I’ll come again for my Bride.