The Girl and her Lover

Some days it seems I’m there
yet, other days it seems I’m not.
in those days i feel like I’m not there, that’s when I know even more that You are there. How do I know this? I hear your voice… its calm and sweet, strong and reassuring
You remind me of many things, most importantly, of who I am in You. that’s the moment You stay… You say I’m going no where, I can’t leave You. Oh yes! I know You’re there with me… I find comfort in the richness of your voice against my ear as I find rest and safety in your arms

oh Father! how good it feels to be wrapped in Your arms, it’s almost like resting against a super soft pillow or lying on silk and being covered with a feathery comforter… I wish I had the right words! I’m so enthralled by You!

Father, I’m so in love with You, it brings tears to my eyes each time I reveal my heart beat. what am I without You? Is life worth living without You? absolutely not! You are hope, You are life, You are love… it’s true I can never get round it, or climb it, or dive into it or run farther to it… it’s surpassing… it’s intoxicating! I love You Father! my eyes gush torrents and my nose run, my voice changes in pitch, my fingers freeze, sometimes itch, my heart is strong, knowing this is true.
I awake with the dawn, You are first on my mind… Your name is quick on my lips… Jehovah, Abba’m, I call you… with the clouds shifting, Your Mighty hands open up the curtains. to see the face of the one who calls… it is I Father, it is me who calls… oh but You know that already, just like You know everything else… I just always love to see the routine… it never gets old.

And then I’m with You and we talk and I cry plenty, speechless by You… I’m a child again! we laugh some, i play, dance and jump… You bring out the best in me! This is love! Your unlimited patience, Your humility, Your goodness, Your sacrifice, Your love! it doesn’t hurt You to keep doing the same thing over and over again… watching over all, faithful to Your word and to every one who calls upon your name… You cover them with light and so the “failure” of darkness cannot withstand them! they have triumphed in You!
There is no spirit, creature, image that compares to You… oh and the way You sit on Your throne! You are magnificent, eternally wonderful! You are king!

I saw the way Solomon built that temple for You with all his heart and might… everything laced in gold and other precious things… he knew You wouldnt dwell in it, because the heavens cannot even contain You. But he built it so everyone who prays looking towards the temple will be heard by you…and then You quickly reminded me that “in Christ, I’m being built to become a temple where God can live by His Spirit” and so I praised You in mysteries and also in tears! Everyday, Jesus is continually, committedly working on me, Your house, He’s making me beautiful and precious so You can reside comfortably in all Your power and glory… what love is this?

Father, someone said to me last night, there’s a calm about you, that impresses on everyone who comes around you. It’s You Lord, it’s Your home, You make Your home beautiful… I am honored to have You dwell in me, I am eternally grateful… words are not enough, even my tears won’t give a bucketful! Oh but look into my heart and know for a truth… Im so in love with YOU!

May your love through me be continually expressed… may all men see and glory in my Father in heaven. I commit to You Lord, I am forever Yours. It is You and not me.
You consume my thoughts, my words and actions will continually be of You and Your leading.
I surrender completely and totally to You Father God!
I love You… Pee.