THE BUILDERS… A RedLetter series

His words like precious treasures spoken
His laws, strict orders unbroken
Speaking as one with authority
The truth in its veracity

Words to the hearer
Tools for the builder
What he builds is who he is
Stand or fall the choice is his

One, to the word he yields
A house on the rock he builds
The other, his home no longer a shield
His hopes the storms and flood have killed

Wise is he who hears my words and acts on it
When life lights its fire, he’ll stand the heat
He is like the man who builds his house on a rock
Troubles, storms, against this house struck
But sleep was his friend as chaos did knock

Foolish is he who hears my word and disregards
He takes heed to the tempest, his heart and mind retards
Yes he builds, but alas, on sand
Came storms against his house like a band
And his fall? Complete and grand

In that day, some would cry out my name
Telling of all they did to bring me fame
I’d say to them; “you I never knew. Away from me you workers of iniquity”
For only those who hear my words and do them will be with me in eternity.

Nov. 20th 2015



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