The song that played on II

Oh my days! There goes Omo’s alarm again! And it’s only 6 o’clock in the morning! Why does she need an alarm when it never wakes her up?! Christy is saying to herself as she rises from the bed to snooze her sister’s alarm clock.
She returns to her bed, adjusting the pillow at the same time hoping to continue with that wonderful dream… even though that’d never be.

She continues to grumble, when she feels something slightly hard under her pillow. She reaches for it… it’s an envelope with a card in it.
Christy’s eyes lit up! What could this be?
She turns on the lamp… it’s for me! She calls with excitement! Oh, it’s a note from Jeff! How did it get here? Had he given Omo? How? She tears it open and sank back in bed so she could slowly savor every detail while perusing words from the one man who had slowly but surely won her heart.
Her smile broadened as Jeff pledges to love and honor her forever… Every line was deeper than the one before it.
I’m not giving up on you baby, there’s no other woman for me. I need you in my life… Jeff’s words were beginning to make Christy cry… “I love you Jeff…” she was saying under hushed tones.

“… time has brought your heart to me I have loved you for a thousand years, I’ll love you for a thousand more…”    Christy was playing her favorite love song as they drove to town. “It’s my way of replying the pleasant surprise you dropped under my pillow the other day.” Christy said.

Jeff blushed, it looked like a peck on that cheek would just melt him! “I love you.” Christy was saying, her head slowly resting on his shoulder as he drove.
“I love you baby. I love you so much my queen”. Jeff said and put his arm around her navigating swiftly with his left hand on the steering wheel… “you make me an expert “one hand” driver”… he added with a meek smile on his face.
Right here, right now, with you, this is right. We are where we need to be. “In each other’s arms?” Christy asked. “Yes baby, in each other’s arms.” Their eyes meet for a few seconds…
I’ll love you for a thousand more… The song plays on.


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