Dear Vashti

You were so lovely to look upon
The king will show you off for fun
Come with your royal crown he said
But you replied NO instead

Perhaps you got tired of the show off?
Had you known the king would be put off?
What plan followed your refusal?
Did you know it would bring your disposal?

Vainglorious Xerxes! Furious for your pride
Wine made you depise your bride
Too quick to issue out decrees
With an edict, the whole kingdom agrees

Dear Vashti,
Had you known another would take your place,
You'd have sought counsel before your disgrace
Unlike you, Esther learned her position
Possessing not only beauty, but disposition

She understood her King's manner,
With words of wisdom she spoke like a fanner
With Grace she approached his presence
His favor gave her license

With carefulness she sought the king's pleasure
With joy, he granted her petition without measure
Dear Vashti, your action shouldn't have been a reactance
But counsel sought before your admittance

Learn from Esther, with gentle wisdom she queens her king
With wealth and glory, her praise he'd forever sing