Shut Up!


That’s what I say to the noise around me

Distracting, telling lies and causing discord with mere assumptions.

Shut up is what I say, to doubt and fear crawling stealthily to steal confidence and birth shame

Voices all around, words carrying a spirit with them, such commotion!

My head stuck in the middle, my heart seeking to discern…

So I make it easy with just two words; “Shut up!”


If I heed to your constant perturbing, you will confuse me

If I am guided by your assumptions and “what ifs”, I’ll fall

If I meditate on your words for just a second, I’m never gonna try…

So shut up ye voices that mislead and words that belittle

Fear that shrinks, and doubts that hinder,

I am not your audience, and will never be.


The One living in me speaks, and I listen

He is my Shepherd, and only He will lead me

His words are peace and safety

Bringing wisdom, understanding, and clarity

I have His life, His love, His faith… I lack nothing

His voice is stronger, louder, and clearer

I live for an audience of One.




Paula Young

March 26th, 2017