A person who refuses to accept any standard short of perfection.



“I am a perfectionist!”

I hear folks make this acclaim of themselves often, I too used to make it at one time.

Recently, I began to ponder on the meaning of the word, and how it becomes an identity one chooses to wear.

Let me itemize the things I have gathered from my musings

  1. The Perfectionist demands perfection from all things and everyone, but can never himself be perfect.
  2. The Perfectionist is critical of herself and of others. Spotting every tiny flaw or fault, and making a big deal of it.
  3. The Perfectionist may never be able to see things through another’s eyes, believing that the way he sees things is best. Most times, even forcing others to accept his point of view.
  4. The Perfectionist cannot delegate duties to another. She does not trust others enough to do things the way she likes or would have done it
  5. The Perfectionist procrastinates on an assignment, a dream or a goal, because of their fear of failing.
  6. The Perfectionist doubts his ability, therefore failing to take steps to achieve the desired result
  7. The Perfectionist expects too much from himself and from others, therefore, is often times disappointed with life, for not delivering his expectations.
  8. The Perfectionist may never understand the rare gift of spontaneity and may never experience its sweet adventure. He will rather not change things, but leave them the way they are.
  9. The Perfectionist does not know how to handle disappointments. She beats herself over and over until she is satisfied in the punishment of self-pity, she has served.
  10. The Perfectionist often times needs affirmation and a reaffirmation of their own capabilities. She isn’t convinced until everyone else thinks so.
  11. The Perfectionist puts up a perfect “all things are well” front before everyone. He is all about impressing the bunch.
  12. The Perfectionist is STRESSED! I mean. Look at all he has to deal with! Also, most times he walks a lonely path because no one wants to be close to the critic, doubter, non-achiever etc.

perfectionism 2


Is God a Perfectionist?

The answer is NO! Our God has perfect standards, YES! But is never one to force Himself on any human, or demand His way. He also will never cast anyone away, let alone those who don’t meet up to his perfect standards. He is patient in His goodness, which eventually leads men to repentance. Romans 5:8 records that whilst we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Also, Ephesians 1: 4, says; “Long ago, even before He made the world, God loved us and chose us in Christ to be holy and without fault in His eyes.” You see, when God sees us, He sees us without blame or fault. He isn’t critical of us or our actions, He has loved us and made us His choice. Psalm 103:14 says: For He understands how weak we are; He knows we are only dust.

Through the sacrificial death of Jesus, all of God’s wrath towards our sin has been satisfied. We could never please God or meet His perfect standards no matter how hard we tried, so Jesus the One who was and is without sin came and fulfilled God’s desire when He took our place on the cross. God is pleased forever with Jesus’ sacrifice because it has presented us to Him righteous, blameless, pure and holy.


So next time, before you think of demanding perfection from everything and everyone else, think about how much God loves you, and how he keeps putting up with your imperfection. Think about the blood of Jesus that keeps speaking mercy for you. Thank Jesus who has met God’s perfect standard, in your stead.

The world is not a perfect place, filled with imperfect people including you. Be patient with people, take life easy, don’t be too hard on your self- take it one day at a time. You will be fine

perfectionism 3


Lastly, Perfectionism is not a fruit of the Spirit, but a work of the flesh.


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