My master was going on a long trip
he put me in charge before he left
He said to me; “give my children food at the proper time.”
Yes master. I said
When will you be back sir? I asked.
It is not for you to know… only do as I have instructed. And he left.
My master had many children!
How did he think me worthy to handle his household?
Days turned to months and months to many many years and my master had not returned!
Each time we communicated, he would ask; “how are my children?”
I remember some nights I would stay up waiting for his sons to be back home,
And days I would cater to any of them who was ill… I would not sleep until they recovered.
I always reminded them that their Father will soon be home.
I would read out his letters… how they loved to hear their Father’s words to them!
Many times I had thought to discontinue
I didn’t think I could go on
Then I’ll remember my master’s instruction and how I had said “YES”
I’d say to myself ; ‘If my master put me in charge, then he believes in me.’
One day, I set off to travel to the far east
I wanted to spend time with a few friends I hadn’t seen in years…
I will be back in a few days… I reckoned.
I put the house in order and just as I turned to leave, there was my master standing at the door!
Master! I fell to my knees
You didn’t tell me you’d be back today!
Racing back and forth, I immediately called out to his children, gathered them together… “your father is back!” I cried out.
They ran to meet him, hugging, screaming and crying!
My master turned to me and said; “faithful and wise servant… you have kept my house, I put you in charge of all I own.”
I fell at his feet weeping….
May the Lord find you doing and ready when he returns… AMEN.



My elder brother had an amazing dress sense! We lost him many years ago… dead, but still alive, living daily in our hearts.
He wrote a lot too! Some unforgettable memories still come to mind… one day, sitting on the porch together, he read to me from some of his masterpieces… I have all his writings on my shelf, I treasure them greatly… “The Beacon” is my best yet, i carry it every where i go.

Though recluse, he always seemed to be readily available when we needed him. My parents treated him with such veneration, mum never failed to remind us to copy him. I especially, was his favorite or so I thought, Timothy felt like the favorite one too… He had a pet name for all of us!
He always had the right words to say when we came with all our baggage, he soon became our family lawyer! His lips were laced with Grace… I miss him! I miss him terribly!

His dress sense was exceptional! He was the first man I saw who always dressed with a shawl around his neck and a hat to match. His belt was always same color with his shoes… I wondered how and when he had the time… my siblings and I bugged him without end to open a fashion house and bring value to his creativity. Apparently, being a writer mattered most to him… so he wrote. He wrote everyday!

Two weeks ago, I was reading “the Beacon” for the umpteenth time and then gbam! Light bulb! I knew what I must do. In the sixth chapter, he spoke of dressing up as being analogous to getting ready for warfare. He elucidated further on the distinguishing of an individual from a uniformed officer and how that victory is won by considering every apparel detail…
So I knew i would start a fashion blog as a tribute to him and a constant reminder for the family. I would call it “ASOEBI” originally meaning, “family cloth”. It will provide tips on the appropriate outfit to wear for any/every occasion and as a bonus, would also provide the most current accessories!

One time he told me, “your dressing identifies you as a member of this family.”

So, here’s to my brother, mentor, teacher and friend still living on…

Credits; These are the words of my brother Paul the Apostle written esoterically for the Church-the body of Christ, God’s own family. I hope you find just what you seek… you are family!

1. Romans 13:12; “The night is nearly over, the day is almost here. So let us put aside the deeds of darkness and put on the armor of light.”

2. 1Thessalonians 5:8; “But since we belong to the day, let us be self controlled, putting on faith and love as a breastplate and the hope of salvation.”

3.Ephesians 6:11; “Put on the whole armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.”

4. Ephesians 4:24; “And to put on the new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness.”

5. Rom 13:14; “Rather clothe yourselves with the Lord Jesus Christ, and do not think about how to gratify the desires of the sinful nature.”

6. Galatians 3:27; “All of us who are baptized into Christ, have clothed ourselves with Christ.”

7. Colossians 3:10; “And have put on the new self, which is being renewed in knowledge in the image of its creator.”

8. Colossians 3: 12; “Therefore as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.”

For more of Apostle Paul’s writings, please read your Bible. It’ll change your life forever! Love, Grace and Peace.

The Girl and her Lover

Some days it seems I’m there
yet, other days it seems I’m not.
in those days i feel like I’m not there, that’s when I know even more that You are there. How do I know this? I hear your voice… its calm and sweet, strong and reassuring
You remind me of many things, most importantly, of who I am in You. that’s the moment You stay… You say I’m going no where, I can’t leave You. Oh yes! I know You’re there with me… I find comfort in the richness of your voice against my ear as I find rest and safety in your arms

oh Father! how good it feels to be wrapped in Your arms, it’s almost like resting against a super soft pillow or lying on silk and being covered with a feathery comforter… I wish I had the right words! I’m so enthralled by You!

Father, I’m so in love with You, it brings tears to my eyes each time I reveal my heart beat. what am I without You? Is life worth living without You? absolutely not! You are hope, You are life, You are love… it’s true I can never get round it, or climb it, or dive into it or run farther to it… it’s surpassing… it’s intoxicating! I love You Father! my eyes gush torrents and my nose run, my voice changes in pitch, my fingers freeze, sometimes itch, my heart is strong, knowing this is true.
I awake with the dawn, You are first on my mind… Your name is quick on my lips… Jehovah, Abba’m, I call you… with the clouds shifting, Your Mighty hands open up the curtains. to see the face of the one who calls… it is I Father, it is me who calls… oh but You know that already, just like You know everything else… I just always love to see the routine… it never gets old.

And then I’m with You and we talk and I cry plenty, speechless by You… I’m a child again! we laugh some, i play, dance and jump… You bring out the best in me! This is love! Your unlimited patience, Your humility, Your goodness, Your sacrifice, Your love! it doesn’t hurt You to keep doing the same thing over and over again… watching over all, faithful to Your word and to every one who calls upon your name… You cover them with light and so the “failure” of darkness cannot withstand them! they have triumphed in You!
There is no spirit, creature, image that compares to You… oh and the way You sit on Your throne! You are magnificent, eternally wonderful! You are king!

I saw the way Solomon built that temple for You with all his heart and might… everything laced in gold and other precious things… he knew You wouldnt dwell in it, because the heavens cannot even contain You. But he built it so everyone who prays looking towards the temple will be heard by you…and then You quickly reminded me that “in Christ, I’m being built to become a temple where God can live by His Spirit” and so I praised You in mysteries and also in tears! Everyday, Jesus is continually, committedly working on me, Your house, He’s making me beautiful and precious so You can reside comfortably in all Your power and glory… what love is this?

Father, someone said to me last night, there’s a calm about you, that impresses on everyone who comes around you. It’s You Lord, it’s Your home, You make Your home beautiful… I am honored to have You dwell in me, I am eternally grateful… words are not enough, even my tears won’t give a bucketful! Oh but look into my heart and know for a truth… Im so in love with YOU!

May your love through me be continually expressed… may all men see and glory in my Father in heaven. I commit to You Lord, I am forever Yours. It is You and not me.
You consume my thoughts, my words and actions will continually be of You and Your leading.
I surrender completely and totally to You Father God!
I love You… Pee.

The Believer’s Responsibility

All flashy is the world in its vanity
Groveling day after day in grave humanity
Without Jesus, delving deeper into obscenity

So dark is the world, dense as the night
Yet amidst the thickset is a light

In every believer shining
Why then the world still pining?

His Life is the light of men
Shining in the dark, and darkness no more urbane

To every Believer who has this Life
With the world do not strife
See as they blindly grope
Arise, for you are their only hope

O shine Believer,
That the world may see and glory in Jesus forever
Hide not your light in compromise
That’s an awful demise

In your heart is the Word
That from your lips it be heard
You have received the promise of the Father
From thence go further

O shine Believer
Shine and don’t waver
Make others believe
So they too might live

Lay your hand on the sick
Teach the truth to the meek
Love the undeserving
Many lives worth preserving

O shine Believer
All of creation to deliver
Shine without shame
For Christ is your fame

To this end,
That at the Master’s return
His Joy and Praise you’ll earn
You are His pride
In His words; “I’ll come again for my Bride.


We were both 10 years old, Chioma and me and we were best friends… inseparable too!
We were in Jss 1, Trinity College, Kaduna. I tell this story everywhere and everytime. It’s time I wrote it too. It was a Home Economics home work; we were to make images out of cardboard papers, we were given a due date, and warned of fiery strokes if we didn’t oblige.

That dreadful day came- dreadful for me cause I hadn’t submitted mineI was scared… However, I hardened my butt for some whipping! Ms. Home Econs. was calling out names of those who hadn’t submitted…I waited for my name to be called, it was never called! A miracle you think? No, true friendship or shall I say; “true love” showed its lovely face!

Chioma’s name was called… wait a minute ma’am! that girl has her home work right there on the table! What was going on? Chioma, why are you out here? Isn’t that your home work on the teacher’s table? I asked her. Don’t worry Pauline, it’s yours now. I couldn’t understand it… I went over to the teacher’s table and there it was… Chioma had put my name on her homework!
I watched as my Chioma’s backside was getting scourged by Ms. Home Econs… I watched as her countenance was distorted by each stroke of cane. She came back to her seat, pretending not to hurt… I held her hand and the tears poured…We both cried.

Why did she do this for me? Why did she take my place? I wouldn’t say I was the best friend anyone could ever have but I was Chioma’s best friend…Her love and show of it, was/is akin to the love Jesus showed us…
He said a true friend will lay down his life for another… that was what Chioma did for me.and to think we were only children!
God through Chioma taught me the first and last of Life’s greatest lessons… to Love like Jesus.To this day, I can’t explain in the finest words why Chioma did what she did for me, but one thing is certain… I would never forget. All the days of my life, I will be grateful to God for a true and loving friend as she. We’ve been friends for a decade and seven years now and we’re still on our way! I love you Chioma, I love you eternally!

The song that played on…

you are nobody until somebody loves you…
you are nobody till somebody cares… Michael Buble was singing over the radio.

nice timing Mike! Christy thought as she sat at the back of the car. She was returning home from work… it was a long day! it looked like it would never end especially since Jeff said those last words that now rang even more in her head as Mike sang that song over the radio!
Jeff had said he was done!
“done? Done with what exactly?” she asked.
“oh don’t play smart with me” Jeff said.
“All I did was love and show you how much I care… but you trampled on my heart. Is it a crime to love? The closer I want to get to you, the farther you run… what are you scared of? It’s been six months now! Today, I reckon that you will never love me back…” Jeff paused.

Six months?! Christy thought to herself… this man had been counting… well not anymore. Today, he was done.

“I wanted to always be around you… Jeff continued. You made me a better person, you gave me a reason to change. I was happier just knowing you were my friend… then I only mentioned those four letter words to you and it changed everything! should I never have told you that I loved you? maybe I should never have shown you that I cared… oh but I couldn’t keep it in! I was convinced I had found the one.”

Christy was deeper in thoughts now, for she had not realized what her actions had done to a man in love. She called to mind those times he would drive all the way to town to come and see her, and she’d keep him waiting like he was an unpleasant surprise. And oh all those messages from his heart…! One time he even wrote her a poem… it wasn’t the best but she had thought the attempt was a kind one. Will he ever know that she kept all those messages and carefully always went back to them? How would he, when she never replied any of them…
what of all the times he begged to see her, what had her response been? it was the same response every time… a flagrant show of disapproval! many times she would even yell; ” please leave me alone! You are not my type ‘o man!”

“Did you hear me Christy?” Jeff was calling out.
She jerked from her musing to see the man standing before her… giving attention to his slender features, his big eyes and an almost piercing nose… his big eyes were now teary for it could only mean that his heart was sobbing too…
“I’m sorry” was the best Christy could summon. I had no idea whatsoever… I feel so terrible…
suddenly, she started to say to herself; ” why do I feel terrible? I had no feelings for this man… why am I sad? I should be happy… he’s finally letting me be! wasn’t this my wish?

“six months of my life down the drain! I hoped that…” Jeff was saying to himself, then walked away.

she looked on as he walked… something in her wanted to call him back… but she didn’t give in. it won’t change anything she thought, the man’s mind is made.

…you need someone to love you… Michael Buble went on in his deep rich sublime baritone…

Oh Mike! I had someone who loved me, but i just let him slip through my fingers! oh dear! what have I done? I didn’t even give him a chance… I am so sorry Jeff… I truly am…
Christy hadn’t realized she was yelling out those words until the driver tapped her.

“I need to get some petrol ma’am.”
she shamefully reached for her bag to hand him some money, when she sees her phone vibrating on the car seat.
her eyes lit up! “it’s Jeff!” she stutters.
“Hello” she begins
“hi” Jeff responds
he begins to say something and she cuts in…
“before you go on Jeff, I just want you to know that I am truly sorry from my heart… can we start over?”

Jeff is quiet for 2, 5, 6 minutes…

“Jeff, Jeff, are you there?”
Now she sure she can hear sobs… she holds her throat so the tears won’t surrender…

“Yes my love, I’d like that very much.” Jeff says.

Dear Jesus

Your red has made me white

Dark was my heart
Just like the night
You gave me a brand new start
Now everything about me is right

Here on this green earth
Your face I’ll seek and find
With Your life You gave me birth
Your words, on my heart I’ll forever bind

You in me and I in You
This is how we should remain
And just as sure as the sky is blue
Together we’ll ascend to Your domain


Pauline Ezeka
9th Oct. 2014

written in red…

I have a bookshelf made of wood

It hangs on the left side of my room
Three layers has this bookshelf of mine
Every book arranged so fine

I sit on my bed staring at my wooden shelf
I soon spot a box I made by myself
The box sat atop my shelf
I reached out for it with no one’s help
It contained letters written from yesteryears
But this one moved my eyes to tears

I sank back into bed
This letter was written in red…
It read;
” My beloved,
The last time we talked you cried half the time. I wiped your eyes and told you never to cry again. You knew I would be gone for long, I knew I would never leave you alone.
I paid a price to your Father and my Father, the deal was that you’ll always be mine. Unforgettable was the journey to your hometown. It took 6 hours of a not so enjoyable experience to get you to come live with me forever in life.

I still see the picture in my head… you in white, my hand stretching out for yours. I was grateful you said yes to me.I chose you Beloved; everything I have now belongs to you…Now that you’re in me and I in you, we are a formidable duo.
Like I wrote in my 125th letter as the same with the 95th, I love you and I have chosen to make my home with you…” Your Lover.

I keep the letter on my chest
Lay my head down to rest
Pondering on the words I’ve read
Only my lover writes in red.

HOME… Luke 15

I knew I had failed
I couldn’t be bailed 
To a faraway land I sailed 
My emptiness unveiled

I took it all, I squandered it 
My jewels, my wealth the dogs did eat 
Now alone in this foreign land 
No one offers a helping hand

I hunger, I thirst, 
While my lineage is awfully blessed 
Shall I die this way 
When ahead lies a better day?

I shall return
 I’m ashamed of what I have become 
Take off the crown from my head 
As long as my back’s laid on a bed

To my Father I return 
Receive me, for a slave I have become 
Put a hoe in my hand
 For the crown’s unfit for this scrubby head

Still walking in resistance 
He sights me from a distance
Then I see Him running
To me He is coming

Now I can hear him calling 
To my knees I go crawling 
His arms wide open 
His embrace is warm as an oven

And then He kissed me 
All my fears they leave me 
This is where I should be 
Greater than my soul’s plea

And then He says to one; “bring the Prince’s ring”
To another; “gather the musicians, a chorus to sing”!
And sandals for his feet
The fattest calf kill, that we might eat

For my son has returned home…

Lost but now found 
Forever with my father I’m bound 
Never to be alone 
Seated with my Father on the throne

…PaulinEzeka… August 10, 2014