Mama’s strong voice


“He said he loved me”; Tania was saying with tears in her eyes
But all he wanted was to eat the forbidden fruit… I knew it was forbidden cos’ Mama said never to touch it until harvest time.
I loved the way he looked into my eyes, he called me by a name my parents didn’t think of giving me- that name suited me just right. Yes I was beautiful. His beautiful…
We were just two of us in a world of our own…he was holding my hand and I was holding his…I knew I was safe…I was always safe.
But not today…he wasn’t holding my hand; he was sending his fingers on evil errands. I said stop! He mumbled something like “…no beautiful…I can’t”.
His strength was overpowering… I said; “please, let’s do this right, let’s do this at the right time”…now I was screaming…what had come over him?! He was all over me. “You love me don’t you”? “Please let’s wait till harvest time…” I was begging now with tears pouring out of my heart. I knew it wasn’t harvest time… Mama said harvest time was also a time to rejoice…
Something came over this man…I didn’t recognize him anymore as he forced himself on me…I was no longer safe.
All the while I kept hearing Mama’s strong voice… suddenly that strength filled my heart and I overpowered the beast…I ran into the clouds… I needed safety…
My name is Tania, I’m safe in the truth…I’ll trust again!


You title it darling….

You who gave life meaning surpassing sunrise
I invite you to listen to the music of my heart.
Dance to the beats
Dance your way home
Mime to its lyrics
It’s our story
Dwell in this euphoria,
Don’t let it fade with use
And even when you turn down the volume
May its whisper give you pleasure

In my absence, hum to thyself
This sweet melody we both started
I will sing you the words o’er and o’er again
I will sing aloud
With my voice like cashmere
Clothing your atmosphere
I’ll have the trebles, altos and tenors sing along
Our rhythm is now contagious

Oh! How I delight in you
You gratify my existence
I’m enraptured in your providence
Captured by your resplendence
This is life’s essence.

To me you commit
To you I submit
To this bond no limit
And when you thirst,
Let my well satisfy
I love you…


picture credit:titus2womendevotional blog



“From my fingers to my lips”

_3 Oma 

When she itches, she screams for help…she needed another’s fingers to scratch her itching
She didn’t have fingers to scratch!
And here I am getting my nails colored every weekend…I never thought to say “thank You Lord for my fingers”
there’s so much we are not grateful for…

Fingers to scratch itches and put on wedding bands
Legs to wear heels and take strolls
Eyes to read and watch the sun set
Ears that hear every sound and still knows the voice of our beloved
Lips to speak and swallow meals
Tasting tongues,
Nostrils to perceive bad odor and yet decipher the fragrance of several designer perfumes
Bodies that fit beautiful clothing, giving fashion a reason to live
A head that thinks, imagines, and yet wears diverse hair styles…

To the man or woman who discovered a mirror, I duff my hat!
And now no one can say “I don’t know what I look like!”
Today let that mirror in your bathroom preach to you a message of gratitude…take note of every detail
And to he who cannot see, let him be grateful that he’s alive. For soon he will see God’s face

My fingers have typed these,
Your eyes now read it,
Soon your lips will say the words God always longs to hear…


its in everything…

bdayCakes  bubuAidee Udohgh

The silhouette of a man holding d hand of his wife,
a group of people laughing n’ shaking hands,
a father rubbing his son’s head gently,
a mother giving her child suck.
a sheperd herding his flock,
an old lady watering her garden,
a teacher singing to her pupils,
a friend offering a shoulder to lean on,
birds chirping in d trees,
morning slowly driving night away,
birthday wishes coming from all corners of d earth,
christian brethren holding hands n’ sharing grace… look closely, LOVE is everywhere n’ in everything…