the size 7 episode.


This is a funny story. Pls don’t tell my mother I told it here. Lol
my aunt and i wore the same size of shoes… those days I would jokingly tell her that all her shoes will someday be mine. Her face will then wear a wry smile. However, soon it was so as she found herself giving me her best of the best shoes. I soon became the girl with plenty shoes! i was most blessed amongst shoe loving ladies…

My beautiful aunty had such love for shoes that her entire room was full of them. Soon that would be my story abi what do you think?
So this night she sends a few more to me. My mum thinks they belong to her…. She tries on one of them, slowly humming a song at the same time convincing herself that they’re her fit
I watch this episode for long and finally give up. Mum! That’s a size 7! I smile and keep watching.
She eventually gives up as I collect them and slide my slim feet into the 6inches “Guess” sandals…
My mom looks at me and she says;: “those shoes are mine|
Yes they are mom, yes they are 🙂 lol