“mama kekere”


i was 5 years old when you brought me to the Lord.
you asked that Rema n I get on our knees and we asked Jesus to take our hearts…
growing up and watching you, i knew i would write, i knew i would love colors
those days you would write encouraging notes on lil’ cards that you made, and send them out to your friends… i began to do that too at the age of 16, and soon realized i ha…d got it from you.
when you ate you read, i know they say you cant do two things at the same time, but i copied you in later years, i bought books like you and i became a reader and soon a leader!
i watched you draw, paint, dance with your group divine dancers, and still become the best graduating student in Iyaba Tech…
becoming a female sculptor was a challenging path to tread… ah! but if it is the big sis i know, challenge is only bread for you.
those days you come home with the welding machine, you’ll work through the night and daddy would ask you to pls go to bed! but dedication, determination, the future drove you! no wonder out of many men, you emerged as the first female president ADSA! the big protrait still hangs at home…. you are our pride!

then you brought forth Isaac.
he came at the right time. just when God knew we need a smile on our faces and a reason to laugh again. yes he came at a right time!

but when you left the shores of the country, we missed you greatly. we still do…
those times we would say come back home, you will say; “i’m living for our dreams, for our empire” i acknowledge this. everyone of us five are where we are cos you carried us on your shoulders… you laid a foundation for the massive structure we build day after day. you are our pride!

such sacrifice you have made, such love you have given, such greatness you see and we all bask in… we love you our big sister Joy O. Ezeka, we love you our “mama kekere”.
from all of us… HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG SIS!