hit me again!

oh what, you cant do it publicly?

hit me, let your friends see the expression of your love for me…

how did your hands get to move so fast?

how did you think me your ring opponent?

my knees wobble  when you say “i’m going to the gym”

God knows many times i’ve written my own obituary

have i thought of leaving you? every second of every  day!

“for better for worse” who made up those words? who?!

that eternal decision puts an abrupt halt to my race…

what blinded me? certainly, there had to be a trace of this animal somewhere… what blinded me?

i sleep in fear, i’ve lost my friends

my tears have stanched, my shame unmasked

i lost ama, taffy and kofi!

i recall those days we would laugh and argue who they would look like…

i’m only grateful they never came cos’ i always said i wanted them to have their father’s eyes

those eyes that now send shivers down my spine, those eyes that now discolor my flesh!

the tighter your grip on me, the clearer freedom’s beauty is to me

i’m clothed in the most beautiful apparel at every event, no one ever seems to notice my blood shot eyes

big house, nice rides, every woman’s dream…now my own nightmare.

i used to be the one you loved, the one you kissed and it tasted sweet

i used to be the girl you tickled not eat up like pickle

those children you murdered, i longed to mother

those dreams you killed, i scream to relive

ooooooohhhhhh why do i still love you?

why do you touch me and i still feel vulnerable?

why do u say “i’m sorry” and i believe?

why do i cover your shame?

why do i want to leave and yet want to stay?

why! why! why!?!

“Ifemi” i call you… “Ifemi” pls hear me

i am yours, i am you

you are mine, to you i am bound

this mystery even angels dont understand.

call my name, only you calls it right…

let your hands caress me, let your arms give me warmth

let your seed bear fruit in me, let your joy be my reward

“Ifemi” “Oremi” “Temi”

we are one… i am you, you are me