Don’t be shy when I hold and swing your hand in public
When I barge into your office just to kiss you and leave my fragrance on your TM Lewin shirt
When I call you the name that brings out the boy in you, when you find another love letter under your after shave bottle, or in your suit pocket… Don’t be shy. Its just me loving you in the most beautiful ways! 

We’ll watch your favorite sport every saturday
We will eat plenty fish and roast beef~ I perceive you would be a culinary sweet heart… even though I take pleasure in making yr special meals. 
On sunday evenings we’ll cruise around town, taking in nature’s scent and thinkn’ of many ways to bless our world! 

You would love Jesus and be completely sold out to God’s Kingdom~ after all, that’s how you’d find me. 

I’ll read you stories every night from Songs of Solomon… And then I’ll fall asleep in your arms.

Our Children will know the Lord and be taught in His ways…when we are not watching, they would still do right

Our home will be an open house…just like the house of God 

Do you hear them talking? They ask how do those two do it? Oh darling! May our oneness teach others a better way! 

Are there times you would be blame worthy? Are there times you would be put out with one of my silly habits? Ummm, I reckon yes! At those times, may our favorite song play on…that timeless ICorinthians 13:8 tune that hasn’t lost its magic! 

I appreciate that you’re always the first to apologize, and then still ask that I choose a matching tie for your shirt…you’re simply amazing! 

Times when u would surprise me with gifts and trips, exquisite dates etc.
At those times I wonder what Idid to deserve you! 

You are not perfect…not yet,
But you are God’s choice for me.
I know we haven’t met yet, that’s because I am a priceless jewel, not an ordinary rock.
I am to be sought for as a man seeks a treasure…you won’t find me on the sea shore, NO!
I am deep and only deep calls unto deep…You won’t find me in a hurry.




the stare

I would see him every day on the hallway swinging his arms and clap them together… I wondered secretly then hoped I won’t see that same act the next day. Oh no! He did it every morning, even till noon day!

Each time I walked into the building, they would salute, “big aunty”! I knew I wasn’t big as per size, but I soon realized they did that for a reason… hmmm…

Every morning we saw, she would ask; “how was your night”? One day I realized I never did ask that question back, so I decided to do that the next morning… oh well I did, and I got her life’s history in five minutes… pheww!

Oh boiled groundnut is my best fruit! My sister never failed to remind me… one day I decide to get it after work. “How much does this go for?” I ask the sales girl, and she just stares at me… I should have asked again, but I didn’t. I stared back, then I begin a conversation… this girl once had dreams like me!
– – – – –
This man is insane, but he isn’t getting any help yet he lives in a building with a million sane folks!
These young vibrant men used their uniform as license to beg for money from seemingly big aunties!
That young lady just needed someone to talk to, if only I had asked n’ listened earlier; she would know not to always return to that way of life each time a need arose!
That young dreamer turned groundnut seller, has now learnt to dream again… just by a stare!

Life’s biggest lesson… “Don’t only look, see”.
Today I tread a new path that people now walk on… daily, I live for someone!

You title it darling….

You who gave life meaning surpassing sunrise
I invite you to listen to the music of my heart.
Dance to the beats
Dance your way home
Mime to its lyrics
It’s our story
Dwell in this euphoria,
Don’t let it fade with use
And even when you turn down the volume
May its whisper give you pleasure

In my absence, hum to thyself
This sweet melody we both started
I will sing you the words o’er and o’er again
I will sing aloud
With my voice like cashmere
Clothing your atmosphere
I’ll have the trebles, altos and tenors sing along
Our rhythm is now contagious

Oh! How I delight in you
You gratify my existence
I’m enraptured in your providence
Captured by your resplendence
This is life’s essence.

To me you commit
To you I submit
To this bond no limit
And when you thirst,
Let my well satisfy
I love you…


picture credit:titus2womendevotional blog




She comes later
She is never first thought
She is hidden agenda
Never Public figure

The second woman
She is told lies
And touched at the wrong places
Then given a ring after full bloom

The second woman
Her name is called differently
After the first has conscientiously tuned his cords
His rhymes however are still the same
She doesn’t know
She is slowly lured into complications

The second woman
She is stripped off her number plate
Her seats are not adorned with protection proof
She is affordable
She still thinks she’s brand new

The second woman
She too wants to be loved
She wants her own, she wants it all
Tender love and care!
As much as I want to vent at the Intruder,
I will blame the second woman
She is not discerning
Her instinct is her guide
Her conscience is her inner voice
With her heart, she knows a lying eye
This is how the woman was wired

Those whisperings of the intruder
That abrupt halt in their phone conversations
That function, their picture he refused should be taken
And that day, a heated argument ensued… almost for no reason at all…

Perhaps these signs were blurry
Perhaps she cared less
Perhaps she loved regardless…Or maybe she was desperate
Did she know he was a liar and a cheat?

Now I pity the second woman…I pity where she now resides
Second place, second best…
Then someone from the background asked, almost indistinctly;
“Must we all be first?”
Hmmm… “we can all be first”. I answered
We choose who we become.




hit me again!

oh what, you cant do it publicly?

hit me, let your friends see the expression of your love for me…

how did your hands get to move so fast?

how did you think me your ring opponent?

my knees wobble  when you say “i’m going to the gym”

God knows many times i’ve written my own obituary

have i thought of leaving you? every second of every  day!

“for better for worse” who made up those words? who?!

that eternal decision puts an abrupt halt to my race…

what blinded me? certainly, there had to be a trace of this animal somewhere… what blinded me?

i sleep in fear, i’ve lost my friends

my tears have stanched, my shame unmasked

i lost ama, taffy and kofi!

i recall those days we would laugh and argue who they would look like…

i’m only grateful they never came cos’ i always said i wanted them to have their father’s eyes

those eyes that now send shivers down my spine, those eyes that now discolor my flesh!

the tighter your grip on me, the clearer freedom’s beauty is to me

i’m clothed in the most beautiful apparel at every event, no one ever seems to notice my blood shot eyes

big house, nice rides, every woman’s dream…now my own nightmare.

i used to be the one you loved, the one you kissed and it tasted sweet

i used to be the girl you tickled not eat up like pickle

those children you murdered, i longed to mother

those dreams you killed, i scream to relive

ooooooohhhhhh why do i still love you?

why do you touch me and i still feel vulnerable?

why do u say “i’m sorry” and i believe?

why do i cover your shame?

why do i want to leave and yet want to stay?

why! why! why!?!

“Ifemi” i call you… “Ifemi” pls hear me

i am yours, i am you

you are mine, to you i am bound

this mystery even angels dont understand.

call my name, only you calls it right…

let your hands caress me, let your arms give me warmth

let your seed bear fruit in me, let your joy be my reward

“Ifemi” “Oremi” “Temi”

we are one… i am you, you are me