written in red…

I have a bookshelf made of wood

It hangs on the left side of my room
Three layers has this bookshelf of mine
Every book arranged so fine

I sit on my bed staring at my wooden shelf
I soon spot a box I made by myself
The box sat atop my shelf
I reached out for it with no one’s help
It contained letters written from yesteryears
But this one moved my eyes to tears

I sank back into bed
This letter was written in red…
It read;
” My beloved,
The last time we talked you cried half the time. I wiped your eyes and told you never to cry again. You knew I would be gone for long, I knew I would never leave you alone.
I paid a price to your Father and my Father, the deal was that you’ll always be mine. Unforgettable was the journey to your hometown. It took 6 hours of a not so enjoyable experience to get you to come live with me forever in life.

I still see the picture in my head… you in white, my hand stretching out for yours. I was grateful you said yes to me.I chose you Beloved; everything I have now belongs to you…Now that you’re in me and I in you, we are a formidable duo.
Like I wrote in my 125th letter as the same with the 95th, I love you and I have chosen to make my home with you…” Your Lover.

I keep the letter on my chest
Lay my head down to rest
Pondering on the words I’ve read
Only my lover writes in red.